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As Long as the Waters Flow

by Allan Houser (Haozous)

Commissioned by the State Capitol Preservation Commission
Dedicated on June 4, 1989
Centenial Memorial Plaza

As Long As The Waters Flow by Allan Houser


  1. The sculpture is a tribute to Native Americans and references their plight during Indian Removal.
  2. The sculpture is 15 feet tall and made of bronze.
  3. In many of Houser’s sculptures, there was little intent to define or articulate representative details. The sculpture is made up of large surface planes which suggest the shape of the object, such as the woman’s blanket, skirt, and boots.
  4. The vertical line of the eagle feather fan complements the vertical stance of the female figure.
  5. The face captures the essence of a Native American female and could represent any American Indian woman.
  6. The title of the sculpture is based on a promise that administrators for President Andrew Jackson made to Native Americans. They said the Native Americans would own their land “as long as the grass grows and the rivers run.” This promise ended up not being fulfilled.