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Oklahoma Arts CouncilOklahoma Arts Council

Robert S. Kerr

by Charles Banks Wilson

Commissioned by Oklahoma State Legislature
Dedicated 1963
Fourth Floor

Robert S. Kerr by Charles Banks Wilson

Suggested Reading

Oklahoma Adventure, Centennial Edition 2006 by Oklahoma History Press
Chapter 20: World War II, pages 200-201

Oklahoma: Land of Contrasts by Clairmont Press
Chapter 16: Section 3: The Postwar Period, page 421
Chapter 17: Section 2: State Affairs in the 1970s, pages 446-447

The Story of Oklahoma, Second Edition by Baird and Goble
Chapter 21: The Great Depression and Global War, page 338, 341
Chapter 22: The Politics of Maturity, page 352
Chapter 23: A Mature Economy, page 373