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Arts in Schools

Arts in Education Grants

Nonprofit organizations, government entities, and public libraries can apply for grants of up to $2,500 to provide hands-on arts instruction and participation for K-12 students in Oklahoma public schools. Programs must take place in schools during normal school hours. (See Arts Learning in Communities Grants for programs that take place outside of normal school hours).

Who is eligible?
501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations
City and county governments
Public libraries
Public school districts
Public universities
Tribal governments

What types of projects are eligible for funding?
Arts education programming involving disciplines such as dance, literary arts, media arts, music, storytelling, theater, traditional, and visual arts. Programs must assess student learning.

What projects are not eligible for funding?
Capital improvement projects, fundraisers, field trips. We cannot fund projects that involve fiscal agents.

What expenses can be paid for using grant funds?
Fees for arts instruction, teaching resource materials and supplies (not to exceed 25 percent of the project cost)

What expenses cannot be paid for using grant funds?
Equipment, computers, software, cameras and/or other arts related hardware, food or beverages, awards such as ribbons, trophies and plaques, travel for students (including field trips), or as a substitution for regularly budgeted funds.

How is funding determined?
Quality of grant application
Quality of program
Project budget - only project deficits are funded
Organization's funding history and level of organizational capacity (determines support category: Small, Major, or Organizational Support)
Number of underserved individuals served through the program
Amount of funding available from the Council

Funding is awarded at one of three levels:

  1. Small Grant Support

    1. All new applicants must apply in this category.

    2. Applicants are eligible for three grants of up to $2500 each fiscal year. Each grant requires a 1:1 cash match (half of the match may be in-kind support).

    3. Applications must be submitted at least 30 days before the start of a project (for Fiscal Year 2021).

  2. Major Grant Support

    1. Applicants must be invited by the Oklahoma Arts Council to be funded at this level.

    2. Applications must be submitted by February 15 for programs that take place from July 1 of the same year through June 30 of the following year.

    3. Applicants may receive funding for up to five projects each year. Projects may include a mix of Arts Learning in Communities, Community Arts or Arts Education programs.

    4. Grant amounts depend on the amount of funding the Oklahoma Arts Council receives from state and federal appropriations. Each grant requires a 1:1 cash match.

  3. Organizational Support

    1. Applicants must be invited by the Oklahoma Arts Council to be funded at this level. This level of support is only available to organizations that have demonstrated a high level of organizational capacity and arts programming.

    2. Applications are due March 1 every other year.

    3. Grant amounts are determined by a formula based on organization?s revenues, panel review score, and amount of funding available.

Visit the e-Grant Login page to login or learn how to apply for a grant.

For more information please contact our Director of Arts Education Programs.