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Sandra D. Williams, Ph.D.

Sandra D. Williams

Contact Information:

Sandra D. Williams
3905 East 92nd St
Perkins, OK 74059


(405) 612-6814



Theatre Arts


Elementary, Middle School, Hight School, Adults, Educators, Older Adults, At-risk Youth


Schools: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Alternative Education
Community Sites: Parks & Recreation Centers, Libraries, Senior Centers


Central Oklahoma, Tulsa Area, Year-round


Performing in kindergarten and directing neighborhood plays in the fourth grade, Sandra (pronounced Sondra) Williams followed her artistic impulse through a Ph.D. in theatre. Moving from the work of learning, to learning through fun and play, students in Williams' programs use creative games and improvisation: body, voice, language, character and more. Williams offers a popular and effective workshop titled Stand Up and Speak Up! Performing in front of peers, friends, families, and open audiences takes people of all ages to a higher sense of accomplishment and capability.

Performance is optional. Students work from physical, non-verbal games and improvisation to verbal interaction and scripts, depending on the time and the desired learning outcomes. Theatre is fun, always nurturing and building skills and self-esteem. Even shy people shine.

Learning Goals:

Students will: