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Oklahoma Arts Conference attendees in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Arts Conference

Request for Proposals


About the Oklahoma Arts Conference

The Oklahoma Arts Council organizes the biennial statewide Oklahoma Arts Conference to bring together the state's arts sector workforce for professional development and networking opportunities. Serving hundreds of arts administrators, artists, community developers, educators, students, volunteers, and others, the conference features nationally recognized industry experts and Oklahoma-based presenters. Sessions focus on nonprofit management, career development for artists, community and economic development through the arts, arts education, and more. Throughout the multi-day event, attendees participate in a variety of presentations, workshops, panel discussions, and performances. Evening events give participants the opportunity to experience the arts in the host community.

Made possible through a partnership of the Oklahoma Arts Council, Oklahomans for the Arts, and the host community, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Oklahoma Arts Conference brings together hundreds of Oklahomans from the arts sector in one location where participants get equipped for success, gain and share ideas, and celebrate our state's vibrant and growing creative industry.

Submit a Proposal to Host the 2025 Oklahoma Arts Conference

The Oklahoma Arts Council is currently accepting proposals from communities interested in hosting the 2025 Oklahoma Arts Conference. Proposals must be submitted using the form below. Deadline to submit a proposal is August 15, 2024.

Potential dates for the 2025 Oklahoma Arts Conference

Applicants must have one or more of the following dates available to host the event:


Example Schedule

Every Oklahoma Arts Conference is different, shaped by factors such as the dates available for the event, the overall state of the arts sector and needs of the sector at the time, the available spaces within the host community, the unique history of the area, the composition of the community committee and the resources available to them, and more. Schedules for each conference vary accordingly. To assist communities with preparing their proposals and envisioning how the conference could be structured to fit with their resources, below is an example of a three-day Oklahoma Arts Conference schedule. Please note: All conference content is determined by the Oklahoma Arts Council. Be sure to review the responsibilities of the host community on this page for more information.

Day 1 (Pre-Conference):
- Half-day forums for specific groups
- Tours
- Pre-conference reception
- Evening events such as local theatre productions, performances, and other presentations already scheduled in the community

Day 2:
- "Good Morning" welcome and overview
- Interactive art activity (all-day)
- Morning breakout sessions
- Opening general session luncheon with state and local officials and other VIPs in attendance; featured performance; keynote remarks
- Afternoon breakout sessions
- Evening opening reception hosted by the community
- Evening activities featuring the local arts community

Day 3:
- Morning breakout sessions
- Interactive art activity (all-day)
- General session luncheon featuring Leadership Arts graduation
- Afternoon breakout sessions
- Optional post-conference gathering in community

Requirements for Hosting the Conference

Communities must have the following in order to be considered for hosting the conference:


Benefits of Hosting the Conference

Hosting the convening of the state's arts sector provides communities an excellent opportunity to showcase their local arts and cultural assets to hundreds of Oklahomans who are interested in gleaning ideas and gaining inspiration to implement in their own communities. The conference consistently draws a sizable audience of attendees who travel to the host community from all parts of Oklahoma, booking hotel rooms, patronizing area restaurants and businesses, purchasing art from local galleries, and spending money in other ways that stimulate the local economy during their conference experience. Through the Oklahoma Arts Conference, host communities can forge a lasting impression on many of Oklahoma's most ardent creative professionals, and in the process the host receives significant exposure statewide and beyond through the marketing efforts of the state's official arts agency.

Responsibilities of the Host Community

The host community plays an integral role in the success of the Oklahoma Arts Conference. A committee* comprised of local stakeholders and community partners will be tasked with coordinating regular Oklahoma Arts Conference planning meetings with the staff of the Oklahoma Arts Council. The committee must include representation from the arts community and should also reflect constituencies outside of the arts such as the business community, government, tribal nations, tourism/CVBs, colleges, and more. A chair and co-chair from the community will facilitate committee meetings and spearhead planning and execution of select conference activities. Chairs need to have previously attended the Oklahoma Arts Conference and be available on-site during the event.

In general, activities for which the host community committee is responsible include:

*Chair, co-chair, and members of the committee are subject to the approval of the Oklahoma Arts Council

Responsibilities of the Oklahoma Arts Council

The Oklahoma Arts Conference was established in accordance with the agency's enabling legislation, which directed the agency to exercise its powers and duties to, "foster conferences, institutes and exhibits on the arts and hold or cooperate in such ventures." As a program of the Oklahoma Arts Council, all activities of the Oklahoma Arts Conference are subject to the discretion of the agency. The Oklahoma Arts Council reserves the right to approve all decisions related to the planning and presentation of the event.

In general, activities for which the agency is directly responsible include:


Submit a Proposal

Complete and submit the form below. Deadline to submit proposals is end of the business day on August 15, 2024.

Fill out my online form.

For more information contact our Director of Community Arts and Workforce Programs.