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Students viewing artwork in the Oklahoma State Capitol

Capitol Art Field Trip Grants

Available to Schools Statewide

The Oklahoma State Capitol offers an incredible, one-of-a-kind educational experience for Oklahoma school children. Art, history, and government are together in one space, offering an extraordinary destination and learning environment unlike any other in Oklahoma. At the center of the experience, managed by the Oklahoma Arts Council, collections of artworks located throughout six floors of rotundas, corridors, and galleries, make the Oklahoma State Capitol the largest public art museum in the state. 

Capitol Art Field Trip Grants from the Oklahoma Arts Council give schools across the state the chance to bring students to the historic Oklahoma State Capitol for an unforgettable journey that makes lessons from the classroom come to life. Through the grant program, schools are reimbursed for transportation costs such as bus rental, mileage, driver fees, and substitute teacher and support staff expenses. Students are led on guided tours by volunteer docents trained by the Oklahoma Arts Council.

Program Objectives



Project Activity Dates
Applications are currently being accepted for tours scheduled September 1, 2023, through May 30, 2024. In addition to submitting a grant application, schools must complete this form to request a guided tour.

Grant Amount 
Up to $1,100 per field trip. Each school site may apply for one Capitol Art Field Trip Grants per school year.

Application Deadline
30 days before the scheduled field trip date

Who Can Apply?

Oklahoma PreK-12 public, charter, and private schools

What Expenses Are Allowable?

Capitol Art Field Trip Grants can be used to reimburse schools for school-approved transportation, drivers, mileage, substitute teachers and additional school support staff. Maximum reimbursement is determined based on a school's distance from the Oklahoma State Capitol (located at 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73105) as follows:

If selected for funding, grant funds are reimbursed to the school/school district after a final report is submitted.

Grants Process

  1. School's Grant Contact completes this form to request a guided tour on a date and time desired. An email will be sent from the Oklahoma Arts Council to the Grant Contact with a confirmed date and time for the field trip.

  2. School's Grant Contact requests access to the Grant System (if new to Oklahoma Arts Council grants)

  3. School's Grant Contact submits application

  4. Oklahoma Arts Council reviews application

  5. Oklahoma Arts Council sends award notification

  6. School's Authorizing Official accepts grant contract

  7. School’s field trip occurs (state legislators may be notified if schools in their district are visiting the Capitol)

  8. School's Grant Contact submits final report

  9. Oklahoma Arts Council processes grant payment to school/school district


Documents and Links

Grant Program Guidelines
Grant Application Preview
General Grant Terms and Conditions
Grant System Login

How to Apply 

Step 1: If your school has not applied for an Oklahoma Arts Council grant within the past three years, please request access to the grant system. Once you have access, you can log in and apply for a grant. If you have questions about logging in, please contact our grants office at (405) 521-2040 or

Step 2: Once your school has access to the grant system, your school’s Grant Contact can log on and complete an application. Submit the application by the published deadline. 

Who to Contact for Help 

For questions about this grant program, contact Amanda Harmer, Curator of Education and Engagement, at or 405-521-6813.

For questions about grant system access, contact the Martyna Sandoval, Grants and Programs Associate, at or 405-521-2040.

For questions about managing your grant award, contact Thomas Tran, Grants Director, at or 405-521-2041.