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Oklahoma Arts Council Disclosures

Enabling Legislation and Statutes

Chapter 11 - Oklahoma Arts and Humanities Act

§ 161. Short Title

§ 162. Policy of State

§ 163. Council - Membership - Tenure

§ 164. Meetings

§ 165. Officers

§ 166. Powers and Duties

§ 167. Gifts, Grants or Bequests - Disposition

§ 168. Expenditures by Council - Compensation of Personnel

§ 169. Repealed

§ 169.1. Irrevocable Endowment for Collection Items that do not Conform to Collection Policies

§ 170. Filing of Reports, Studies, etc.

§ 171. Dispensation of Funds - Contracts for Goods and Services

§ 172. Disbursement of Summer Arts Institute Scholarship Program to Residents

§ 174. Incentive Grants to School Districts for Establishment of Visual Arts Programs in Schools

§ 175. Oklahoma Arts Council Arts Education Revolving Fund


Chapter 110A - Oklahoma Art in Public Places Act

§ 9030. Short Title

§ 9030.1. Purpose - Administering Agency

§ 9030.2. Definitions

§ 9030.3. Oklahoma Arts Council, Art in Public Places Division - Art in Public Places Oversight Committee

§ 9030.4. Site Committee - Ownership of Commissioned Works of Art

§ 9030.5. Funding of the Oklahoma Art in Public Places Act

§ 9030.6. Commissioning of Art in Public Places Revolving Fund

§ 9030.7. Art in Public Places Administrative and Maintenance Revolving Fund

§ 9030.8. Transfer of Administration of Act to Oklahoma Arts Council


Oklahoma Arts Council Personally Identifiable Data Collection Disclosure

Pursuant to Title 74 O.S. § 3106.4 

  1. What personally identifiable data is being stored? 

    The Oklahoma Arts Council may collect personally identifiable data in the course of its duties, interactions, and website traffic or as supplied by merchants, vendors, or other means. The Oklahoma Arts Council may collect data in the course of its duties from grant materials, e-newsletters, donations, personnel and volunteers, purchases, registration, and vendor/payee forms. This personally identifiable information is securely stored in compliance with 74 O.S. §3106.4.

    Employee Data
    Grantee Data
    Roster Artist Data
    Gallery and Collections
    Artist and Donor Data
    Email Marketing Data 


    For purposes of this section, “personally identifiable data” means information which can identify an individual including, but not limited to, name, birth date, place of birth, mother’s maiden name, biometric records, Social Security number, official state- or government-issued driver license or identification number, alien registration number, government passport number, employer or taxpayer identification number or any other information that is linked or linkable to an individual, such as medical, educational, financial or employment information. 

  2. How is the personally identifiable data stored? 

    Personally identifiable data is stored in digital and paper form. The Oklahoma Arts Council protects all personal information in accordance with State of Oklahoma Information Security Policy, Procedures, Guidelines. The Oklahoma Arts Council considers and is committed to safeguarding the personal information of Oklahoma citizens among its highest priorities. This commitment remains paramount to the way the Oklahoma Arts Council conducts business on behalf of the public.

  3. With whom does the public body share the personally identifiable data? 

    The Oklahoma Arts Council does not share personally identifiable data publicly, with the exception of the following:

    Roster Artist
    Oklahoma Arts Council performing and teaching roster artists direct and approve the personally identifiable data shared by the Oklahoma Arts Council on the agency’s website for the purpose of promoting the artist.

    Gallery and Collections Artist and Donor Data
    Names, biographies, and birth and death dates may be used in conjunction with the artist’s work. Data related to exhibitions, acquisitions, commissions, and gifts. 

    The Oklahoma Arts Council limits access to personally identifiable data to the minimum necessary staff, and only shares personally identifiable data with others as required or in accordance with the law.