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Leadership Arts Oklahoma

Leadership Arts


An Update on Leadership Arts

January 16, 2018
The Oklahoma Arts Council, like other state agencies, is currently operating in an ambiguous environment following the 2017 legislative session where a state budget agreement has not been fully reached. With compounding budget reductions totaling 46% since 2008 and the uncertainty of this year’s fiscal year resources, our board and staff have decided there will be no Leadership Arts program in 2018. This decision was reached after substantial deliberation in response to our reduced staff size and decreased financial resources. We regret the inability to offer the program at this time. Updates about Leadership Arts will be available on our website and in our newsletter.

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About Leadership Arts

The Oklahoma Arts Council's Leadership Arts program equips approximately 30 participants from throughout the state each year to become leaders and advocates for the arts in their communities. During four two-day sessions, selected participants learn about the arts' role in community and economic development, education, and quality of life.

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Who Can Benefit from Attending?
Staff or board members of arts organizations, artists, civic leaders, economic and community development staff, school board members, community citizens, business leaders, and others.

What You Will Learn
Leadership Arts curriculum is designed for adult learners across cultural and educational backgrounds. Participants will learn why and how the arts make a significant contribution to Oklahoma's economy, how communities have developed arts programs and vibrant arts spaces to enhance quality of life, how the arts improve the image of cities and neighborhoods while serving as a centerpiece for community engagement, and how the arts cultivate creativity, attracting and retaining a creative workforce.

Sessions are interactive and will expand participants' understanding of group dynamics and the value of group work. Leadership Arts will help you better articulate and advocate for the arts in Oklahoma, design strategies for employing local assets for cultural development, work towards creative partnerships and consensus building, and teach you to mobilize your leadership capacity and the capacity of others.

How Leadership Arts is Structured
Approximately 30 participants are selected each year from a list of applicants to attend four two-day sessions during the spring (the application period takes place in the fall). Participants are selected from communities throughout the state, with an emphasis placed on geographic diversity. Participants are required to attend the Oklahoma Arts Conference in the fall to graduate from the program.

Sessions are devoted to hands-on learning, group work, panels of community members who discuss the arts in their area, and tours of community arts spaces. Reading assignments are emailed to participants prior to each meeting.

How Much Does Leadership Arts Cost?
The program and curriculum are free but class members do incur costs for food, lodging, and travel. The average cost per session is $150 - $200. Class members often represent organizations that will benefit from the training and are willing to cover these costs.

Leadership Arts Graduates

Since Leadership Arts began in 2008, hundreds of Oklahomans from all parts of the state have graduated from the program and are now working to improve their communities through arts and culture.

Click here to view past Leadership Arts graduates.

For more information contact our Assistant Director.