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Classroom Supply Grants

Classroom Supply Grants

for Visual and Performing Arts

Teachers and education leaders across the state have made it clear to the Oklahoma Arts Council that classroom art supplies are one of their greatest needs in delivering high quality visual and performing arts education programs. Funding for art supplies is essential for Oklahoma schools to sustain valuable art programs that help students succeed in their education and beyond.

To meet this critical need of schools in our state, the Oklahoma Arts Council offers Classroom Supply Grants of up to $500 per site per school year to purchase supplies and materials for visual and performing arts instruction that takes place during the school day. 

Application Timeline

September 1 - Grant applications are made available. Schools may submit an application anytime through the deadline.

November 1 - Application deadline

December 15 - Schools are notified about their awards.

March 1 - Final reports are made available. Schools may submit their final reports anytime through the deadline.

April 1 - Final report deadline

Payment - Payment is processed after we receive and review a school’s final report and any required support material. Payments may take up to six weeks to process.

Who Can Apply?

PreK-12 public, public charter, and non-religious private schools are eligible. Schools must have at least one part-time arts instructor in the discipline for which they are requesting funding.

What Supplies Can Be Purchased?

Classroom Supply Grants are designed to support the purchase of consumable, non-permanent items. The following items are examples of eligible supplies. This is not a complete list. Disciplines not listed may be considered where applicable:



Drama and Theatre




Visual Arts

Questions about supply eligibility can be directed to our Arts Education Director.

Ineligible Supplies

Classroom Supply Grants cannot be used to pay for the following: permanently held equipment; capital improvements to schools (including updates to school-owned facilities); the purchase of musical instruments; theatrical drapes, lights, or related equipment; iPads, cameras, or other technology; microphones; music stands; easels; pottery wheels; kilns; screens for screen printing; and, other non-consumable materials.

This is not a complete list. Questions about supply eligibility can be directed to our Arts Education Director.

How to Apply

Step 1: If your school has not applied for an Oklahoma Arts Council grant within the past three years, you must complete our Grant System Login Request Form. The form provides us with important information about your school, which we will need before we can give you access to our grant system. Once you have access, you can log in and apply for a Classroom Supply Grant. If you have questions about logging in, please contact our grants office at (405) 521-2041 or

Step 2: Log in to our grants system and complete a Classroom Supply Grant application. Submit the application by the November 1 deadline.

Review Criteria

The Oklahoma Arts Council will consider the following when we review applications for Classroom Supply Grants:

  1. A school’s commitment to arts instruction. Schools must show how they are committed to ongoing high quality arts instruction by:
  1. A school’s ability to create equitable access to arts education. The Oklahoma Arts Council will prioritize funding for schools that serve the following:


Who to Contact for Help

For questions about this grant program, contact our Arts Education Director.