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Ghazal Ghazi

Ghazal Ghazi

Exploring Street Art and Public Art: The Site-Specificity and Stories of Murals, Sculptures, and Public Installations

Discipline: Contemporary art history, public art (murals, sculptures, installations)

Grade Levels: High school

Number of sequential sessions in lesson plan: 3

Curriculum Summary

Students will explore one of the most exciting and dynamic realms of contemporary art history: public art! This course will cover notable public art works from the 1960s-present, covering sculptures, installations, murals, and street art. Students will gain appreciation for the site-specific nature of public art while studying how different artists have responded to the societal and cultural shifts of their time.

Materials Needed: Notepad, pen

Oklahoma Academic Standards Addressed

VA.CHP.1: Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding
VA.CP.1: Learn and use vocabulary and concepts related to visual arts
VA.CP.3: Make creative choices and practice individual expression in application of concepts, language, techniques, and skills

Curriculum Sessions