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Painted Sky Opera

Painted Sky Opera
Soprano Sarah Kuhlmann engages a classroom during an
opera education program. Hannah Roberts, piano.
Photo: Jill Burcham

Introduction to Opera

Discipline: Music/opera

Grade Levels: 1-3

Number of sequential sessions in lesson plan: 6

Curriculum Summary

Introduction to Opera is a curriculum designed to introduce opera to students in grades 1-3. Two interactive educational videos introducing operatic concepts created by Painted Sky Opera are combined with streamed performances of full operas designed to reinforce the concepts.

This six-lesson curriculum would engage students for both music and drama/theatre in all four processes identified in the Oklahoma Fine Arts Standards - creating, performing, responding, and connecting - as well as one of the processes in visual art – aesthetic response and critical methodologies.

Introduction to Opera is constructed around two original educational videos produced by Painted Sky Opera, which connect opera to the areas of music, drama/theatre, and visual art. The first video, “Opera Basics,” introduces students to basic operatic terminology in an interactive video that allows students to create and perform their own music. The second video, “Visual Opera,” encourages students to re-imagine operatic music as visual imagery through artwork from the Paseo Arts and Creativity Center. In-between these videos are lessons that incorporate streamed performances of operas adapted or originally written for children that reinforce the concepts taught in the two Introduction to Opera videos.

Materials Needed: internet access, screens for viewing, classroom space, worksheets (link provided), art supplies, pencils

Oklahoma Academic Standards Addressed



Visual Arts

Curriculum Sessions