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Apply to be a Grant Review Panelist

In its review and assessment of hundreds of grant applications each year, the Oklahoma Arts Council incorporates the perspective and input of Oklahomans from across the state. The Oklahoma Arts Council invests more than 65 percent of its annual budget directly into organizations, schools, and communities statewide through its grant programs. The grant review process plays a critical role in ensuring transparency for the agency as stewards of public funding, and in assuring programs supported by public funding are reflective of the people of Oklahoma and their communities.

The Oklahoma Arts Council accepts applications on an ongoing basis from Oklahomans interested in serving as grant review panelists. Individuals selected to serve on a grant review panel are compensated for their efforts. Through the process of reviewing grants submitted to the Oklahoma Arts Council, individuals gain valuable insight into the grant application and assessment processes. The experience can also be a means for advancing one's professional development.

Grant review panelists are selected by the Governor-appointed board and staff of the Oklahoma Arts Council through an open nomination process. Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee selection to serve as a grant review panelist.

To apply, complete and submit the form below.

Who can apply to be a grant review panelist?

The Oklahoma Arts Council seeks individuals of all backgrounds to serve as grant review panelists. Experience may include, but is not limited to: work as an artist; service as a current or former staff or board member of an organization that offers arts programming; efforts related to arts and community development; public service by local elected officials and municipal staff; academic degrees; work as a classroom educator; expertise in technical roles related to the arts; volunteer work for arts-related activities, and more. Individuals should be prepared to demonstrate in their application how their knowledge and experience in the arts will benefit the grant application review process.

Reviewers are selected to represent the people of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Arts Council seeks to ensure review panels reflect the diversity of the state’s communities, arts and culture, and expertise. 

Grant review panelists are selected through an open nomination and a panel review process. Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee selection to serve as a grant review panelist.

What should I expect as a grant review panelist?

The Oklahoma Arts Council operates numerous grant programs with deadlines occurring throughout the year. Selected panelists will receive notice of selection and be given approximately four weeks to complete their independent grant reviews. A mandatory orientation session will provide information, background, and tools for the review. The process will end in a panel review meeting and discussions led by the Oklahoma Arts Council. Depending on the grant program, panelists should expect a commitment of 8-16 hours to complete the review process.

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Administrative Code

The grant review panelist process is carried out in accordance with the following Oklahoma Arts Council administrative code:

70:1-5-1. Establishment of advisory panels
The Oklahoma Arts Council uses advisory panels in its policymaking and application review process. Panels are made up of individuals who have various areas of expertise and a demonstrated interest in the arts. These panels exist to assist the Council by reviewing policies and applications and making recommendations to the Council.

70:1-5-2. Eligibility
Individuals who are arts professionals, educators, supporters, administrators, and financial management experts knowledgeable about the arts, arts education or arts administration may serve on a panel. Efforts are made to reflect the diversity of the Oklahoma Arts Council’s grant base on the panels by including men and women members with cultural differences, including people with disabilities, people from racial, ethnic, geographical, and culturally diverse backgrounds, as well as people of all ages, and experiences.

70:1-5-3. Selection process
All panel members are selected through an open nomination process. Nominations for panel members are made by individuals or organizations throughout the state. The Council reviews and approves panel nominees.

For related questions, please contact our Grants Director.

Accessibility Assistance
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