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Raccoon Warrior by Steven Weitzman

Raccoon Warrior

by Steven Weitzman

Colored Concrete
Dimensions: larger than life size
Project Agency: Spiro Mounds
Artwork Location: 18154 First Street, Spiro, OK 74959, County Road E1175, Spiro, OK or N35 degrees 18.696' W94 degrees 34.164'
Spiro, Oklahoma 74959

The Artwork

Colored concrete sign
Original Ink Wash Painting, 1983
Donald R. Johnson
Muskogee, Oklahoma

CFL create the image from the 1983 ink-wash painting "The Raccoon Warrior" by Donald Johnson. In 1983, Don worked with the Oklahoma Archeological Survey to create a series of painting depicting aspects of life at the Spiro Mounds around A.D. 1000. The painting is in the permanent collection of the Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center.

The Artist

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Form Liners

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