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Oklahoma Welcomes You by

Oklahoma Welcomes You


acrylic and protective coating
Dimensions: 313.5'' x 98''
Project Agency: Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust
Artwork Location: 7777 Airport Drive
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115

The Artwork

This vibrant, colorful mural is approximately 8ft tall, 23ft long, and is among the first gleaming sights travelers exiting concourse B at Tulsa’s International Airport experience upon arrival. The composition is designed to emphasize the new branding for the state of Oklahoma and does so by incorporating a textile motif meant to replicate quilting. Oklahoma possesses some of the most diverse terrain nation-wide and since the state branding emphasizes the diversity of these eco regions, this mural does as well. From the “Oklahoma Skies,” rolling hills and idyllic plains, to the lush forests and serene lakes and rivers, this composition provides viewers with a taste of what this grand land has in store for those who wish to further explore.