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Oklahoma State Capitol

2017 Oklahoma Arts Conference

True North

romy owens
romy owens is an artist and curator living in Oklahoma City. Her artistic and curatorial practices are presently centered around community art designed to impact social change, using art as a tool to focus on topical issues. Owens is the co-founder and co-curator of Current Studio in Oklahoma City.

romy owens's Schedule
Public Art Case Study: ‘Under Her Wing was the Universe’, An Artist-Led Initiative
Date: Thursday – October, 26 2017 Time: 3:15pm - 4:45pm
Room: 402 - 404 Track: Artists
romy owens' public art for Enid is an artist-led initiative, meaning she created her own opportunity to create public art instead of waiting for an opportunity to present itself through an RFP, RFQ, or Call for Artists. Using a crowdfunding platform and social media, she raised 75 percent of the funds needed to complete this public art. The remaining 25 percent was provided through existing grant programs available to individual artists. She also worked with local businesses to seek in-kind services and materials. This panel will discuss the significance of artist-led initiatives, the skills necessary to create work without the formal structure of a public art program, and the process through which they went in creating this public art for the city of Enid.

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