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Oklahoma State Capitol

2017 Oklahoma Arts Conference

True North

Recia Garcia
Recia Garcia has over 35 years of career experience as a rural community development enthusiast. Through Oklahoma State University's Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (OCES), Garcia saw the invitation to serve on the Oklahoma Quilt Trails committee as an opportunity to combine service with experience. Her background in organizing statewide programs for OCES melds with an Art minor and true passion for rural Oklahoma. Garcia earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Secondary and Vocational Education at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford.

Recia Garcia's Schedule
The Barn Quilt Trails of Oklahoma
Date: Wednesday – October, 25 2017 Time: 1:15pm - 2:45pm
Room: 401 Track: Community Development
Originating in Appalachia in 2001, the barn quilt phenomenon is now present in nearly all 50 U.S. states, and it has the capacity to stimulate rural economies. Barn quilts, which are square-shaped boards painted to resemble a quilt block and placed on the side of a barn or public building, have evolved into a rural development initiative that boosts tourism. Through the development and promotion of barn quilt trails, tourists have been encouraged to visit and explore rural communities. The creation of barn quilts in communities and schools has been effective in building social capital, celebrating community heritage, raising funds for schools, and teaching skills that combine science, math, and design. Hear about how the OSU Extension Educators are leading the way in establishing Oklahoma’s first Barn Quilt Trails, and find out more about how your community can be involved.

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