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Booking Information:

Will Hill/Winona Henderson
P.O. Box 921
Tulsa, OK 74101-0921


(918) 747-1044
(918) 712-7543



Year round


Legends Storytelling Performance $650-$2500
American Indian Celebration Day $3000-$4000


Mahenwahdose, a Muscogean word meaning "True Native American Theater," is a Native American Indian performance company comprised of talented performing artists dedicated to performing accurate, educational and traditional stories of Native America. The company features a full-blood Muscogee Indian storyteller (Nagonagogee OniYah) with the English name of Will Hill and Muscogee name of Kabitcha Feke Sego. Also performing is Jehnean Washington, a multi talented native performer and a graduate of AMDA.

Mahenwahdose combines the tradition of storytelling with language, traditional flute, drum and comedy. Taught by his elders, the ancestry, language, history and traditions of his Muscogee people, Hill is a storyteller by destiny, not choice, and the performances include stories translated by Hill from the original native language and adapted for the stage. Mahenwahdose was the first company to perform at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian before it opened in Washington, D.C. in 2004. They were chosen to represent Oklahoma with performances at Disney's EPCOT Center in Florida during the Centennial in 2007. Mahenwahdose's song, "The Trail of Tears" is part of the "Song of America" album, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2008. A repertoire of original presentations are available.