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Community Arts Experience Grants

The arts are essential to community vitality—boosting state and local economies, enriching quality of life, attracting creative workforce, preserving cultural heritage, and more. To ensure thriving communities across Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Arts Council awards project funding through Community Arts Experience Grants to support festivals, exhibitions, performances, and other audience-based programs.

Program Objectives


Project Activity Dates 
August 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025 (Grant Period FY2025) 

Grant Amount 
Up to two $5,000 grants per fiscal year. Organizations may apply for two Community Arts Experience Grants, or they may apply for one Community Arts Experience Grant and one Community Arts Learning Grant. Match requirement: 1:1 (100%). Half of the match (50%) may be in-kind support. Matching funds may not be federal funds or other Oklahoma Arts Council funds. Award amounts are determined using the grant program scoring criteria and agency priorities.

Application Deadlines
60 days before your project begins

Who Can Apply?

To be eligible for grants, an applicant must be a non-religious, nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization; agency of government; sovereign Indian Nation; public library; or college, university, or public school. Nonprofit organizations must be incorporated in the State of Oklahoma. (Title 70:10-3-25). For complete eligibility requirements, see the grant program guidelines (linked below).

What Types of Programs Can Be Supported?

Arts-focused community and audience-based programs, including concerts, recitals, visual art exhibitions, and multi-disciplinary events such as festivals.

If your project is focused on providing arts learning and skill building opportunities, please see Community Arts Learning Grants.

What Expenses Are Allowable?

Funding can be used to reimburse expenses such as artist fees and travel expenses, contracted administration or technical fees, rental expenses, marketing expenses, and consumable supplies. For more examples of allowable expenses and unallowable expenses, see the program guidelines (link below).

Documents and Links

Grant Program Guidelines
General Grant Terms and Conditions
Grant System Login

How to Apply

Step 1: If your organization has not applied for an Oklahoma Arts Council grant in the past three years, you will need to request access to the grant system. Once you have access, your Grant Contact can log in and apply for a grant. If you have questions about logging in, please contact our grants office at 405-521-2040 or

Step 2: Once your organization has access to the grant system, your Grant Contact can log in and complete an application. Submit the application by the deadlines published in the program guidelines.

Who to Contact for Help

For questions about this grant program, contact a member of our rural and creative community outreach team:

Miranda Gilbert
Director of Community Arts and Workforce Programs

Molly O'Connor, Director of Rural and Creative Community Outreach
(405) 317-3297

For questions about grant system access, contact:

Martyna Sandoval, Grants and Programs Associate
(405) 239-0257

For questions about managing your grant award, contact:

Thomas Tran, Grants Director
(405) 521-2041