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Casey McLerran and Crystal Patrick

Casey McLerran

Dimensional Thinking: Poetry/Perspectives

Discipline: Visual Arts and Language Arts

Grade Levels: 5, 7, Intermediate HS

Number of sequential sessions in lesson plan: 6

Curriculum Summary

Through the exploration of conceptual writing in tangent with technical drawing, this course explores the multidimensional creative process and interpersonal communication of new ideas or complex concepts.

Dimensional Thinking: Poetry/Perspectives fosters the pupils’ abilities to create with intended outcomes in mind and challenges students to utilize themes or concepts across mediums for this purpose. These goals allow for a deeper understanding of the intersectional spaces found between the arts, design, and communications.

We will look at continuity of concept from start to finish, clarity in communicating between mediums, and the ability to recognize/communicate potential improvements or variations through interpersonal critiques as our measure of proficiency.

Materials Needed:


Oklahoma Academic Standards Addressed

Creative Process
5.VA.CP.1.1: Brainstorm & Discuss/ Combine Concepts/ Innovate Ideas
5.VA.CP.1.2: Plan & Demonstrate Methods of Investigation
5.VA.CP.2.2: Develop & Experiment with Multiple Skill Sets
5.VA.CP.3.1: Develop Artistic Statements that Convey Intent
7.VA.CP.1.1: Apply Elements of Art & Principles of Design
7.VA.CP.2.1: Innovate to Pursue Ideas, Forms, and Meanings Through the Art Process
7.VA.CP.3.1: Develop Relevant Criteria for Revising & Reflecting on a Planned Project
VA.CP.1: Learn & use vocabulary and concepts related to visual arts.
VA.CP.2: Practice & Refine Visual Art Skills
VA.CP.3: Creative Choice & Artistic Expression in Application of Concept, Language, Technology

5.VA.P.1.1: Apply Diverse Media/Creating Themed Art Works
5.VA.P.2.1: Demonstrate the Relationship of Art Elements and Design Principles
5.VA.P.3.1: Experiment & Invent Multiple Techniques/Approaches
5.VA.P.4.1: Discuss & Process Personal Choice while Creating
7.VA.P.1.1: Develop Skills in Multiple Techniques
7.VA.P.1.2: Design or Reinterpret Objects/Ideas of Personal Significance
7.VA.P.2.1: Consistent Use Of Elements of Art/Design Principles
7.VA.P.3.1: Openness to Artistic Challenges while Developing new Skills and Ideas
7.VA.P.4.1: Reflect on & Explain Important Information about Personal Artwork
VA.P.1: Utilizes a Variety of Ideas & Subject Matter in Creation of Original Works of Art
VA.P.2: Utilizes Various Media, Applications, & Tools in Production of Original Art
VA.P.3: Demonstrates Appropriate Skill in Application of Knowledge, Technique, Concept through Creation of Original Art
VA.P.4: Revising & Refining Original Works of Art

Aesthetic Response and Critique
5.VA.ARCM.1.2: Connections Across Mediums (Visual+Language Arts)
5.VA.ARCM.1.3: Critique of Personal Artworks
5.VA.ARCM.1.4: Explore Potential Art Related Careers
7.ARMC.1.2: Connections Visual+Language Arts
7.ARMC.1.3: Analyze & Reflect Personal Works
7.ARMC.1.5: Identify Skills that Contribute or Connect to Career Success
VA.ARMC.1: Perceive, Analyze, Interpret, & Evaluate Artistic Works  


Curriculum Sessions