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Erin Latham

Erin Latham

My Story, Your Story in Contemporary Art

Discipline: Visual arts

Grade Levels: 3-5

Number of sequential sessions in lesson plan: 6

Curriculum Summary

Six one-hour sessions based upon prominent artists from marginalized communities whose work is awesome and important. The works are composed of a variety of artists who create wonder and teach us about varying ways of life and artmaking. Students will engage in a variety of media and techniques to create works based upon on the artists of focus.

Learning Objectives

Students will create unique art pieces based upon works of contemporary artists within marginalized communities in order to better understand others and the world around them. Teachers will encourage students to evaluate the work of art using the elements of art: shape, line, color, texture, space, form, value; and, the principles of design: balance, rhythm/movement, pattern, harmony, contrast, emphasis, and proportion/scale. Instructors will also introduce the artist's work and imagery for students to discuss and consider to gain a better understanding of the art world and the contemporary artists within.

Oklahoma Academic Standards Addressed

Visual Art
Creative Process:

  1. Learn and use vocab and concepts related to visual arts (VA CP 1)
    1. Students will use art vocab based on the lesson by describing what they see: color, line, texture, shape, form, expression, movement, during a class consideration of each project and the artist’s represented.
  2. Practice and refine techniques and skills related to visual arts (VA CP 2)
    1. Students will work in a variety of media and techniques including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, 3D and 2D media.
  3. Make creative choices and practice individual expression in application of concepts, language, techniques, and skills. (VA CP 3)
    1. Students will make creative choices while application of techniques in relation to each specific project.


  1. Utilize a variety of ideas and subject matter in creation of original art works.
    1. The utilization of different techniques, subject matter, and materials is sufficient for this benchmark.
  2. Use different media, supplies, and tools in an appropriate manner in the creation of original artworks.
    1. Students will use a variety of media and tools to create the works in these lessons.
  3. Demonstrate appropriate skill level in application and knowledge of techniques, skills, and concepts, through the creation of original visual artworks.
    1. This will be achieved through the fabrication of the art work and learning new skills.
  4. Revising and refining artworks to create finished work of art.
    1. This can be achieved in a group critique of the final products and revisions if the student artist and teacher deem necessary.

Cultural and Historical Perspectives

  1. Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding.
    1. This benchmark will be achieved in the materials presented to the student based upon the artists work and lives.

Aesthetic Refinement

  1. Perceive, analyze and interpret, and evaluate, artistic and visual work.
    1. This can be achieved in the final product and a critique of the work. 


Curriculum Sessions