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Erica Nkechi

Erika Nkechi

Contact Information:

Erica Nkechi
PO Box 94
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107


(405) 664-4194



Visual Arts








Erica Nkechi is an artist, curator, and teaching artist. She works in diverse visual media including painting, drawing, fiber, printmaking, and more. Nkechi’s goal is to help more people experience a connection with art and build confidence within themselves.

Nkechi earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2014. Since graduating, she has led instruction in numerous school and community locations, including Oklahoma City Public Schools, Millwood Public Schools, the City of Norman, Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA), Oklahoma Contemporary, and more. In 2017, Nkechi founded Heart Studios in Edmond, through which she and a small group of like-minded arts educators lead classes on site and in community organizations. An active artist and curator, Nkechi has curated several shows featuring work by professional visual and performing artists, and featuring works by youth.

Nkechi shares the Oklahoma Arts Council’s belief in the power of the arts to effect lasting change in individuals and communities: “Teaching isn’t confined to the studio walls for us; it’s about community impact. This broader perspective allows us to contribute meaningfully to the artistic development of individuals beyond our immediate studio setting… It’s more than just teaching—it’s about fostering creativity, self-expression, and a lifelong love of art. Being part of the teaching artist roster [would] align seamlessly with my mission to spread the transformative power of art education.”

Learning Goals:

Nkechi's four-tiered curriculum represents a comprehensive and enriching approach to artistic education. Designed to nurture creativity and skill development, curriculum covers art history, mediums, fundamentals of art, and creativity—offering students a well-rounded and dynamic learning experience.

Her art history curriculum delves into artistic movements, artists, and periods, providing students with a contextual understanding of the evolution of art. This tier serves as the foundation, instilling an appreciation for the diverse styles and techniques that have shaped the art world.

The mediums tier is an exploration of artistic expression through various materials and tools. From traditional mediums like oil painting to contemporary approaches, students have the opportunity to experiment and develop proficiency in a range of artistic techniques. This hands-on experience allows them to discover their preferred medium and express their creativity in diverse ways.

Fundamentals are the backbone of artistic proficiency. In this tier, Nkechi's curriculum focuses on essential skills such as perspective, proportion, and technique. Understanding these fundamentals lays the groundwork for students to execute their creative visions with precision and clarity. Through engaging exercises and projects, students develop a strong foundation that enhances their artistic capabilities.

The creativity tier is where imagination takes center stage. Here, students explore their unique artistic voice and experiment with innovative ideas. Vision boards, abstract projects, and open-ended activities provide a platform for self-expression and the cultivation of a personal artistic style. This tier fosters not only technical skill development but also the freedom to think creatively and outside the conventional boundaries of art.

Curriculum unfolds with a focus on a specific art topic within these tiers. For example, during impressionism week, students delve into the history and techniques of this influential movement. Oil painting week allows them to explore the expressive possibilities of this traditional medium. Perspective week emphasizes the importance of spatial relationships in art, enhancing their understanding of composition. Vision board week taps into the imaginative realm, encouraging students to create visual representations of their aspirations. The program is designed to conclude with an art showcase for all students, providing an opportunity for students and parents to see artwork on display.

This approach ensures a dynamic and engaging learning experience that caters to students' diverse interests and learning styles. Weekly exploration of new topics keeps the curriculum fresh and exciting, providing students with a well-rounded education that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of art education.