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Hazel Lopez

Hazel Lopez-Crutcher

Contact Information:

Hazel Lopez
5616 NW 83rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73132


(405) 831-9752
(405) 748-0082






Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, Hight School, Adults, Educators, Older Adults, Youth with Disabilities, Adults with Disabilities, At-risk Youth
Language fluency: Spanish


Schools: Pre-k, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Alternative Education
Community Sites: Parks & Recreation Centers, Arts Centers, Childcare Centers, Libraries, Senior Centers, Health Care Facilities


NW Oklahoma, SW Oklahoma, SE Oklahoma, Summer


Hazel Lopez-Crutcher has taught and performed in the dance industry for over 25 years. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the National Academy of Arts in Guatemala in 1981. She has performed ballet throughout Central America, the United States, and Europe as a member of professional companies including the Guatemala Ballet Company and the London Hite Ballet Company in Los Angeles. She offers instruction in ballet, jazz, tap, creative movement, modern dance, flamenco, salsa and Argentine tango. Hispanic culture offers a diversity of traditions with music, dances, food, and more. Different Hispanic countries offer a variety of interesting types of music and dance for exploration such as salsa, bachata, merengue, and tango.

Participants will learn together by taking an interesting journey, and they will have fun discovering new things from other cultures and countries.

Learning Goals:

Students will: