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LaTasha Eck

LaTasha Eck

Contact Information:

LaTasha Eck
27889 Hwy 9a
Maud, OK 74854


(405) 664-8891
(405) 997-3325





Elementary, Middle School, Hight School, At-risk Youth


Schools: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Alternative Education
Community Sites: Parks & Recreation Centers, Arts Centers, Childcare Centers, Libraries, Health Care Facilities


Statewide, Spring


LaTasha Marie Eck holds a bachelor’s degree in acting and directing from the University of Oklahoma. She has traveled in the Caribbean, lived in Italy, and studied in New York. In addition to her work with her youth theatre company, SpotLight Youth, Inc. (SLY,Inc), which she founded, Eck promotes mini-theater, a workshop designed for students in middle schools, high schools, and alternative schools. Students in her residencies may participate in dramatic readings, poetry, historical theatre, props and set design, playwriting, and creative or lyrical writing. With extensive research, her residencies can relive any subject with creative art and performance.

In 1992, Eck wrote a play titled "Kwanzaa," and in 2009 she presented the play at the Langston University Oklahoma City campus. In 2010, Eck presented another of her original plays, written in collaboration with youth members of SLY, Inc., at the African West 2010, a three-day African-American art festival at Metro Tech in Oklahoma City. As an artist-in-residence, Eck has led numerous mini-theater workshops in a classroom setting, ending them with a performance in class or on stage for other students to enjoy. Currently, Eck is working on a play and studying programs that will benefit at-risk youth.

Learning Goals: