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Pamela Brauchi

Pamela Brauchi

Contact Information:

Pamela Brauchi


(918) 749-0944



Visual Art


Children and youth at-risk, Adults, Older Adults


Arts centers, hospitals and health facilities, counseling centers


Tulsa Metro, year-round


Pamela Brauchi is a talented artist studying metal-smithing at Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Langston University and a Masters of Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma, where she also completed graduate level coursework in Art Therapy. A licensed professional counselor, Pam has special interest in and experience with Native American populations, using art effectively to address personal needs of young people and their families in the Tulsa area. A residency with Pam might include techniques and materials such as precious metal or clay. Participants might create jewelry or sculpture, with a focus on the creative process as a way to explore and expand their artistic journey. Each residency will include integrating art with a site's specific needs.

Learning Goals: