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Sharon Lee McColl

Sharon Lee McColl

Contact Information:

Sharon Lee McColl
3009 Venice Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73107


(405) 948-7264



Dance: Creative Movement


Childhood, Adolescents, Adults, and Elders


Schools: pre-k and elementary


Central Oklahoma and OKC metro; school year


Sharon McColl is a nurturing and engaging Creative Dance Specialist with a Master's Degree in Dance Education from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. Her residencies are noted for their focus on Creative Process, Problem Solving, and Imagination. McColl's expertise is integrating Creative Dance and the Academic Curriculum; she has been an Oklahoma A+ Schools Fellow since the inception of the program. Combining PASS and/or Core Knowledge units with the elements of Creative Dance, McColl develops informal concerts with children. These concerts weave together language, music, movement, cooperation and sequencing into unique expressions that speak to human connectedness. Always working from ideas that evolve from the children, Her primary concern is that participants experience the joy and awareness of that inner moment when they discover themselves as artists.

Before becoming a Teaching Artist, McColl served as a Coordinator in Arts Education at the Oklahoma State Department of Education focusing on training for teachers and administrators. She has been adjunct faculty at Wayne State University teaching the graduate course "Creative Dance for Children" and has published several articles on Creative Dance and Dance as Aesthetic Education.

Learning Goals: