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Community Arts
Development Guide

Step 2: Identify Your Audience and Determine Logistics

Knowing the audience that you intend to attract and understanding your community dynamics will ensure your program is designed to meet the community's needs. When considering the potential audience or participants for your program, review current arts programs (if any) and consider those individuals and/or populations that are unable to access the arts. If you desire that your program be completely accessible to the entire community, outreach efforts can extend your services to underserved members of the community.

The date and location where the program will take place is one of the most pertinent details that needs to be determined in the early stages of planning. Before setting the date investigate local community calendars of events to ensure your program will not conflict with existing events. If your event is taking place at the same time as another event, consider opportunities to collaborate and cross-promote both projects. When selecting your location, consider the following factors: number of expected audience, weather, accessibility, security, and safety. If you intend to plan an event that will be outdoors, be sure to have a plan for inclement weather in place.